Brain Tumor

Brain Tumor: Know the symptoms & treatments

The brain tumor is considered to be an abnormal tissue growth taking place in the central spine or the brain. It is responsible to offer proper brain functionality and if left untreated, then the patient is likely to face extreme pain and succumb to death. The qualified doctors refer to the area, where tumor cells have developed and if they are benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). Brain Tumor Surgery Cost in India is less and those wanting a normal life can avail this surgery without any worry.

Types of brain tumor

  • Malignant: This type develops cancer cells and might not come with clear borders. These can be life threatening, since they grow very quickly and try to invade the surrounding tissues in the brain region.
  • Benign: It is stated to be the least aggressive of all tumor type that takes place. They have their origination from cells surrounding or within the brain and cancer cells are not present in them. They do come with clear borders.
  • Metastatic: They are the secondary type that originates in the body parts only to spread towards the brain. They are found to be more common when compared to primary brain tumors.
  • Primary: The tumors developing in the brain cells are known as primary brain tumors, which spread to the spine or other brain parts.

Know the symptoms

The doctor might prescribe the patient to undergo series of tests if there is suspected brain tumor and to determine its development as well as understand its type. Few tests are performed to diagnose the tumor initially and are then its progress is monitored to find out if the tumor eradicates or not. The professionals, doctors and nurse providing the treatment will be in a better position to offer their patients with the correct information, answer to all questions related to the ailment and reassure with proper and timely remedy.

Some common symptoms

The common symptoms noticed with the development of brain tumor include the following:

  • Numbness in legs and arms
  • Headaches
  • Walking and balancing problems
  • Memory issues
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Changes noticed in hearing, vision or speech

Brain tumor grades

According to medical experts, brain tumor has been classified into different grades like grade 1, 2, 3 & 4 tumor types.

  • Grade 1: It is benign tumor that shows slow rate of growth and appears similar to the normal brain cells.
  • Grade 2: It is malignant tumor type that appears less normal when compared to grade 1 tumor.
  • Grade 3: These are malignant tumors which appear much different from that of the normal cells. They appear distinctly abnormal and grow actively.
  • Grade 4: They are malignant tumors having distinct abnormal looking cells which develop and spread rapidly.

Diagnosis & treatment

The doctors at the reputed hospitals will ask the patients several questions on his/her symptoms faced and also take into account family and personal health history. This is to diagnose if the tumor is affected in the brain and the type. The doctor will also perform physical exam which also includes neurological exam. In case, there is suspected brain tumor, then any of the test or combination might be recommended for the patient to avail:

  • Angiogram that involves usage of dye along with x-ray of the blood vessels located in the brain, to know the signs of abnormal blood vessels or the type.
  • Carry out studies like MRI or CT Scan to get detailed brain images.
  • The doctor might ask for biopsy report to find out if the tumor that has developed is cancer or not. To remove tumor, a surgical operation is carried out, where from the brain, a tissue sample gets extracted by inserting a needle via a small hole that gets drilled.
  • The treatment options can include chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery.

How treatment is carried out?

The first option chosen by doctors is the surgical method, after diagnosing brain tumor. But it is not possible to remove surgical some tumors, due to their sensitive location within the brain. In such cases, radiation and chemotherapy are the options to shrink and kill the tumor. Since cancer treatment might damage the healthy tissues, there is a genuine need to understand the possible long term side effects of the treatments that is to be availed. With low cost, high quality Brain Tumor Surgery Cost in India, patients no more need to worry.

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