Flats in Calicut

Flats in Calicut on the Fast Track for Development

Calicut has been one of the top developing localities in the state of Kerala. Interesting this city is trying various avenues of real estate investment apart from the regular investment avenues like residential villas, flats and apartments in Calicut and commercial and industrial real estate. Mixed-use developments are a popular trend in Calicut now.

Kerala real estate has been very robust as it one of the few states which attract a lot of investment by NRIs and other investors, especially from the Middle-East and America. With cities expanding one of the primary concerns of many families is living close to basic physical and social infrastructure likes schools, colleges and their workplace, etc.

The concept of mixed-use development revolves around the main peg that everything you need should be in and around you. This is a mix of retail, corporate, residential, entertainment, hospitality and all other basic social infra venues all inside one massive compound. Experts believe that such developments are the future of the realty sector in most Tier I and Tier II cities in India.

Today development is not centered on central parts of the city, it has divulged to many other parts of the suburban area. With limited land available in the city, one must spend a lot of time on the commute for their day to day needs. With such mega-cities developing in many cities, things have changed as there is no need to spend extensive time and resources on commute anymore. This is one of the major reasons why apartment projects will fly in the near future.

At a time when developmental projects in major cities have reached stagnation, this tier-II city like Calicut, among others, has become a high growth sector of the real estate industry in India. This is because of the high purchasing capacity of non-resident Keratitis, the city is attracting investments in the real estate sector

Calicut accounts for 8% of the total population of Kerala and nearly 12% of the state’s income. After being rated as the second-best Tier II to live in India, the realty sector is looking up and will continue on high-demand in the future.

Why investing in flats in Calicut is a smart move?

As I have already mentioned some of the figures why Calicut is an amazing place for the real-estate investors. Here are some more points to strengthen those facts.

Great connectivity: The city of Calicut is nicely connected with the rest part of the state with all means of transportation. The railway station is just 2 kilometers away from the main city. The city also has International Airport and is well connected via roadways.

Educational Institutions: There are several named schools and colleges present in the city for quality education. Perhaps this is the reason why the city is one of the best centers of quality education.

The commercial hub of the state: Yes, Calicut is the commercial hub of the state. Trading is a part of the city from ancient times. There are huge markets present in the city.

Availability of jobs: The presence of IT parks in the city is providing an enormous number of job opportunities. There are many big and renowned MNC’s have their offices in the city. Since the city is famous for trading and market, each year numbers of start-up come into existence.

Excellent return of Investment: Everyone wants to invest in a property that will revert a handsome amount of money in the future. Isn’t it? Calicut is a perfect location for investors who are aiming for a high return of Investment (ROI) on the property. The property appreciation rate is very high in the city.

Security and safety: When I move into the city a few years back, the first thing I look for is security. Is the city is enough safe for me and my family? Luckily, I found Calicut safe and secure.

The availability of goods, well connectivity, fulfillment of education requirements, jobs, health safety, etc. are some of the major reasons why people are looking for apartments in Calicut. And they are ingredients for the growth of any city. Right now, Calicut is on the full swing of development.

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